Friday, February 11, 2005

Computer Interactions With the External World


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Computer Interactions with the External World

The Next Big Thing, beyond blogs, wikis, podcasting, and "communications" in general?

That's easy.

It's Computer Interactions With the External World.

No, not "ubicomp" or ubiquitous computing, meaning "computers everywhere", where computers are embedded into wallpaper variations, refrigerators, and bathtubs, although that's part of it.

But that usually refers to you interacting with computerized appliances at home or in public. We already have plenty of that.

I mean being able to perform remote operations, like magic, or the exercise of faith. In fact this mimics the operation of faith or positive thinking coming into concretion, but in the cyber realm.

I refer more specifically to selective, strategic impact on the external world, including nature herself, from your personal computer.

Beyond just interacting with users, with visitors to our web sites and blogs and wikis, is the ability to interact with nature, neighbors, friends, relatives, manufacturers, and the medical/health realm.

A negative example of this, to my mind, is virtual hunting. You can now shoot and kill a deer from the comfort of your own home at your Personal Computer.

What would be some positive examples of this?

I'm looking into it and will report later.

As usual, I will also Edit, Update, and Revise this particular post, to the chagrin of blog purists who forbid such fussy activity.

For now, let me just say that "interactivity" was a ball that many web sites dropped. The blogs picked up this ball and enabled users to post comments.

Wikis came along and enabled users to edit, add to, or even delete entire pages of a web site, not just comment on an author's statements. (While wiki administrators retained the right and ability to revert back to original content, if they decide the edit was unwarranted or cyber vandalism.)

And now, the "interactivity" is being focused on a much larger realm than users and online visitors.

Now we are interacting with the environment, nature, humanity in general, perhaps the universe itself.

Put your future glasses on, and get ready to literally change the world and what's in it.

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