Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blogs That Pollute the Blogosphere


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NOTE: I almost *never* curse, or storm in a hateful rage about anything, though I do speak bluntly. But this is so vile, I've nearly lost all sense of decorum. If you don't know why I'm so outraged, you don't know much about the following topic, or its ill effects. Learn.

This one is painful to post, following hard on the heels of my Blog Blotching post.

I'm this[]close to listing on my blog and other, more high-traffic places, the blogs to which I now refer.

I'm even thinking of starting a Consumer Blog Watch site to alert people to blogs that pose a threat to their well-being.

This would be a list of blogs that engage in comment spam toleration, make money from sleazy "sponsored links", and other dubious and malicious activities.

I've been in a flurry of activity, visiting blogs for the "Secrets of the Blogging Pros" book and "Blogging Pros Survey".

I see great blogs, and in fact, most blogs are cool in some way.

But some bloggers are allowing laziness or greed to corrupt them, and destroy whatever value their blog ever had or claimed to have.

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There are some "Don't Worry, Be Crappy" blogs that are indeed extremely crappy.

Not talking about design.

Not talking about blog voice.

Not talking about subject matter.

So what is it?

Comment spam
that sits there, grinning disgustingly at every user who lands on the blog.

You know, where under "Recent Comments" sidebar subhead, you see:

* "pharmacy said..."

* "online casino gambling said..."

* "home mortgage loans said..."

* "credit card debt consolidation said..."

* "domain names for sale said..."

Or, when you click/select "Comments", anxious to read rich, relevant, reliable user-generated content, you see some like that, then a series of ugly, worthless comment spam.

Those who are new to the internet may not know that these "links" are mostly, if not entirely, taking users to sites that are rip-offs, and that may attach spyware to their computers.

Comment spam is just another form of abusing an interactive function of the web and making money with con artist techniques.

If bloggers would take measures to prevent or rapidly delete comment spam, the spammers would not make money.

But as has been said, "All it takes for evil to spread, is for good people to do nothing."

If I see comment spam continually appearing on a blog, and remaining there long after I have alerted the blogger, I'll automatically consider the blog to be unworthy of anyone's attention.

I may email the blog operator or webmaster, or post a comment about the comment spam, and its dangers to users. I'll politely request that the comment spam be removed immediately.

I've just deleted a blog that was on my blogroll due to their gross negligence in not dealing with comment spam. And I'm about to start deleting more blogs.

This won't harm or purify those blogs, but I have to protect my own blog's reputation, which depends partly on what I link to.

You have to be a total loser, wanker, amateur, poser, pseudo blogger to allow comment spam to sit in your freakin' comment zone, polluting your site, misleading users, and enabling the sleaze bags to boost their search engine results ranking.

It's not hard to monitor a blog for abusive, unfair, or spammy comments. Blogger, for example, my software and hosting provider, sends me an email any time anyone posts a comment to any of my blogs.

So Blogger monitors my blogs for me, as far as alerting me to comments, and all I have to do is read and delete the spam or abuse comments.

There are many ways to prevent or reduce comment spam. While a blog may have problems arriving at an ideal solution to thwart comment spammers, there is no reason to tolerate it, or to ignore pleas from users to delete it.

Some bloggers may go on vacation, or get tied up in other matters, which prevents them from quick action on such things. I understand.

But to habitually allow comment spam to stick and to pile up on your blog: this is inexcusable, utter incompetence, and apparent collusion with the perpetrators.

Any blog that has comment spam sitting there for more than 7 days, I will consider an "Abandoned Blog" that someone was to stupid or lazy to delete in its entirety.

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You don't care about comment spam piling up on your blog?

You have sold ad space to sleazy vendors of dubious online gambling, viagra type products, vicodin and other pharmaceuticals, etc., resulting in scumbag "sponsored links" on your blog?

Don't pollute the blogosphere with your skanky presence.

Hear me? Shut down your stupid, ignorant blog and go clean sewers as a hobby.

You ain't no "blogger"--you're a menace to users and to the blogosphere.

If you're so rank as to let comment spam sit in your blog, you're contributing to the pollution of the blogosphere. Dumb ass jerk.

You're supposed to routinely monitor your blog and immediately delete any instance of comment spam.

But you apparently, through your inaction on this issue, revel in mediocrity and sloth.

You refuse to monitor and cleanse your blog.

You are a disgrace to the blogosphere.

Your negligence endangers users.

Your apathy opens the door to more sinister activity.

NOTE: I've sent some of you direct emails about the comment spam, and I've posted comments pleading with you to regain your sense of decency and credibility, by deleting this garbage from your blog...but weeks later, when I re-visit your blog, the comment spam sits there.

What? Did you die or become paralyzed? Or...are you in on the scam, with the comment spammers and sleazy sponsored link crowd?

This is like a neighbor who allows cockroaches, rats, and termites to multiply in his house and property. Who lets the smelly, rotten garbage fester and attract vermin.

Every blog is connected with all other blogs, in what we call a world wide web of communication networks.

So a blog operator who is negligent, uncaring, or deliberately enabling comment spammers and sleazy sponsored links perpetrators...

...that blogger is a stain and a stench on the inter-connected blogospheric realm.

Try to have a nice day, loser.

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sara said...

I know you hate comment spammers... so i'll be breif, I can totally understand! I'm with you bro! I think......

Anonymous said...

O...K... Glad I keep my blog cleaned up. :-)


steven edward streight said...

Why am I so angry?

A company in my hometown here is in the news. The company kept incredibly intimate details, in computer files, on people, for screening them relative to credit, employment, security, etc.

And this scumbag company has been caught allowing over 50 sleazy companies to obtain access to all this information, to con, phish, steal identities, etc.

So I see a great deal of disreputable, malicious activity going on in this world, and fight back as violently and aggressively as I am able.

If you've never seen blog comment spam, you may wonder what the big deal is.

You may think, well, just go to another blog, and never return to that one.

But I've blogrolled blogs, then when I visit them, there's malicious or dubious comment spam all over the place.

You have to read my post and other resources on comment spam to really grasp what's wrong.

You just have to experience this junk, and care about innocent but naive people, I guess.