Monday, January 24, 2005

Seminar: Seniors and the Internet, Dangers and Opportunities


My Vaspers the Grate seminar

"Seniors and the Internet:
Dangers and Opportunities"

will be presented at

St. Augustine Manor

1301 N.E. Glendale
Peoria, Illinois USA

Monday, January 31, 2005
at 5:30 PM

Admission is FREE.

Learn how seniors are using the internet
for fun and profit...and how to avoid
the dangers lurking in certain
regions and aspects.

Topics to be discussed:

*computer basics

*what is the Web?

*using search engines

*power email writing

*web sites specifically for seniors

*web usability: it's not your fault
(usually) if a web site
seems difficult

*digital art creation

*what exactly is a blog?

*how to start your own blog

*AARP recommendations


*spam reduction

*virus protection

*phishing scams

*online gambling dangers

*health and medicine scams

*dating service dangers

*web site credibility evaluation

*safe web surfing

...and more.

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