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Iraq Elections: Main Stream Media is Dead


Iraqi lady sticking it to the insignificant insurgents.
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Here's another convenient test to determine the value [if any] of the main stream media (called the MSM by us bloggers):

the Iraq elections coverage.

I am rapidly seeking timely updates on this affair.

The U.S. State Department web site seems to just have PR material that is not up-to-the-minute.

Instapundit is on:

Glenn Reynolds has links to Event Bloggers who are attempting to cover the elections in Iraq. I tried to post a comment on a post at fellow Blogspot blog,Iraq Election Wire, that reported on CNN "following the trail of blood" 40 minutes ago. CNN is stupidly and dishonorably showing old footage of previous terrorist/insurgent attacks on Iraqis and people grieving.

Iraq Election Wire is at:
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I'm going to stop writing and go downstairs, turn on the idiot box television, and see what the heck is going on. CNN sounds reprehensible in my opinion. I must check this out this reported insensitivity and violence-mongering. The Iraq election blog claims it's calm over there right now.

See? Main stream everything, especially media, is dying or already dead and decomposing.

The major news media web sites have articles, but no time stamp, so you don't know how recent these reports are.

I am not an expert on journalistic blogs, political blogs, or news media blogs. I'm just an average guy looking for late breaking news. And having loads of trouble finding any.

EDIT UPDATE (12:20 AM, Jan. 30, 2005 Sunday):

Since we have only basic cable, I was unable to get CNN or FOX News Channel on tv. I don't watch much television, in fact I hate television, so that's why only basic cable.

CNN web site is at:

They have a link to CNN Radio "listen to latest updates", but when I clicked on it, I had to endure what seemed like 5 minutes of stupid commercials, including CNN's Entertainment Extra and CNN self promos.

Iraq Election Wire blog reports that "CNN forecasts doom, 57 minutes into the polling." And Reuters reported "a blast outside a polling station in west Baghdad, some casualties-police". 5:31 AM
This blog also reports that insurgent attacks mostly occur in the early morning, so Iraqis may wait to vote, and that CNN ticker says that so far, Iraqi women voters outnumber men by 2 to 1.

The real women, the real feminist heroines are in Iraq, voting and numbering 1/3 of the candidates, in a woman-hating and male-domineering area of the world.

Coalition Provisional Authority
web site is at:
This web site is not being updated anymore, naturally. It will remain on the web for a while, just for historical purposes.

U.S. Embassy in Iraq is merely PR stories for the most part.
"Latest headlines from the Embassy: Iraqis Prepare for a First Free Election"
The web site is at:

FOX News web site is at:

The web home page has a Jan. 30, 2005 report on Iraq elections, but it has no time stamp, so who knows how timely it is?

There is a Breaking News banner across the top of the page that reads "Report: Several Loud Blasts Heard in Baghad".

Then there is FNC Special: The Most Important 24 Hours in Iraq
***Continuous Live Coverage*** click HERE
but when I clicked there, it turned out to be just a tv channel ad.
There is no special live feed from the tv studio to the web site.

Roger L. Simon
is blogging live on the Iraq elections at:

Quote from Mr. Simon: "I feel bad for Iraqis being photographed and televised as they vote."

He states that Geraldo Rivera is a good guide to the Iraq elections for FOX News.

Friends of Democracy

"Ground level election news from the people of Iraq"
is at:

I feel that the U.S. government should have its own channel that is packaged with basic cable and gives live updates on whatever is going on anywhere in the world. To inform the citizens seems like a high priority for a government if it wants to last.

Too bad the Iraqis couldn't have transitioned into democracy peacefully like they did in the Orange Revolution of the Ukraine.

Let's hope our Iraqi friends will be brave, go vote if they choose to, and try to live in a civilized realm of free thought, free exercise of religion, and the freedom to create their own elected government.

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