Sunday, January 30, 2005

Inked Finger Revolution


Freedom Finger Flaunting the Lack of "Terror" Posted by Hello

Smoke Walkers vs. "Terrorists" Without Terror

Did you see our Iraqi sisters and brothers for democracy today?

Giving the "terrorists" the Inked Finger, the "screw you, you don't scare us" sign to the crybaby bullies of al Queda and warped militant pseudo-islam!

Turning out in droves, ignoring the explosions, stridently, joyfully going forth to create a new, post-Butcher of Baghdad Iraq.

"Smoke Walkers" passing through the flames of tyranny and intolerance, marching through the rubble and blood, standing in line for hours, sitting ducks, photographed, interviewed and televised, disregarding insurgent threats.

Baghdad Election Posters on Fortification Wall Posted by Hello

"Terrorist" is a misnomer. The insurgent freedom-haters are merely "wannabe terrorists". They inspire no terror, so technically speaking, they cannot be called "terrorists".

It's like calling a person who can't sing a "singer".

"I'm an auto mechanic," a guy says.

Another guy asks, "Oh? How many cars have you fixed?"

"None. But someday I hope to repair a vehicle. I try once in a while, when it seems easy, but I either accomplish nothing, or make things worse."

The other guy frowns. "Then, if you've never fixed a car, you're not an auto mechanic."

In like manner, if the insurgents were largely unable to inspire terror, if some areas of Iraq had as much as 90% voter turnout, then the insurgents are failures at being "terrorists".

"Terrorists"? NO.

"Crybaby Bullies"? YES.

The Cowards with Covered Faces were not able to intimidate the Iraqis today. Let's celebrate forcefully and triumphantly with our newly democratic brothers and sisters.

I'm listening to the electronic music CD "Do You Know Squarepusher" by Squarepusher, and letting the aggressive electronic noise waves wash over my mind with great joy.

My Inked Index Finger: Solidarity with Iraqi People

Believe it or not, I have a purple ink marker with grape scented ink. My finger smells really good right now.

I have decided to apply purple ink to my finger to show solidarity with the Iraqi voters.

I have decided to hold my purple inked finger high, proudly, during the Vaspers the Grate seminar tomorrow at St. Augustine Manor.

Purple Pointer Toward Democracy Posted by Hello

Inked Finger Revolution.

Orange Revolution.

Free Iran Revolution.

Democratic North Korea Revolution.

Look out rogue regimes and enemies of liberated thought.

Independent Opinions and Religious/Political Freedom are "wheels on fire, rolling down the road."

While the Main Stream Media reports the good news with icy stares and grim frowns on their faces, we see through them.

We see how hard it is for them to admit their dire predictions of low turnout and brutal bloodbaths were wrong.

We see how painful it is for the conventional journalists to report on Good Positive Events. They thrive on negativity and horror stories like a teenaged boy going to a monster movie.

Rebel, people of the world, against Main Stream Media deceivers and naysayers.

Raise your Freedom Finger High and Let the Symbolism Fly.

Inked Voting Finger on Iraq Flag Posted by Hello

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