Thursday, January 27, 2005

Fight Against What's Wrong: Positive Hate


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Fight Against What's Wrong: Positive Hate

What makes a successful, worthy, dignified human being?

You can judge a man or woman by who they pick fights with...or how he or she retaliates against those who launch an attack on them, or those they love, or things they feel passionately about.

You are what you fight against.

Find something to hate, then hate it perfectly and completely.

You are what you challenge, question, argue, and reason against.

Start entering heated debates and sublime discussions.

You are more than these antagonisms, but one vital aspect of you is what you hate. Do you know how to hate things like racism, exploitation, manipulation, anti-semitism, anti-muslimism, anti-christianism, brainwashing, sexism, control freaking, mediocrity, cowardice, apathy, avarice, churchianity, or simony?

If you don't hate something horribly, relentlessly, and aggressively, either you're not alive or you're lost in a illusory, detrimental, narcissistic dream world.

Narcissistic dream worlds always turn into fatalistic nightmares.

I hate religious hypocrisy. I'm fighting it like you wouldn't believe. I may be in grave danger, but I don't care, I'm currently fighting like a Green Beret against a colossal religious evil. Nuff said.

I hate poor usability of web sites, blogs, forums, any product or service. I fight poor usability in this blog and in many other venues of debate and discussion.

I hate other things, but since this is not a Vanity Blog, nor a Personal Drivel Blog, nor a Digital Diary of Random Chatterbox Gibberish, I shall now


P.S. Find something to hate, then fight it with everything you've got.

You could hate the lack of compassion in the world, and fight it relentlessly by being kinder and more helpful to those around you or distant from you.

Hate and combat need not be negative, in other words.

This is not a negative post. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

I like your topic a lot. I really do. For me, Hate is the positive one. Why does some people do not understand the true value of Hate?

steven edward streight said...

It's not Hate in general that's good, it's Hating What Is Wrong or Evil or Stupid.

Why don't people do more Positive Hating?

Because they're full of fear and they crave approval. That's my considered opinion.