Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jacques Derrida 1930-2004

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One of the saddest months of my life.

I deleted two blogs I had created,
one for a client and one of my own.

An organization for which I created
created a blog proved itself to be
unworthy of the effort and technology.

The organization ended up rejecting
the internet, computers & email.
I guess they want to return to
a more primitive condition.
That's entirely their choice,
and I respect it.

The other blog was deleted forever
because I wanted to re-orient
my positions on a certain issue.

(The re-orientation resulted in the new blog:
Art Test Explosion).

Then I heard the news that my hero,
Jacques Derrida, the gifted genius,
my favorite contemporary philosopher,
author, and literary analyst,
had died in a Paris hospital.

I didn't agree with everything he wrote.

But I was challenged and amazed by all
his thoughts and his analytic methodology.

I have read and recommend the following
books by Jacques Derrida:

Writing & Difference

Margins of Philosophy

The Truth in Painting

The Postcard


Acts of Literature

Of Grammatology

The Archaeology of the Frivolous--
Reading Condillac

Speech & Phenomenon and Other Essays
on Husserl's Theory of Signs

Of Spirit: Heidegger & the Question

Farewell, dear friend and companion,
whom I enjoyed through his books, who
comforted me with his intelligence,
and delighted me with his questioning.

No one is anywhere near his quality.
He opened up a whole new world of wonder.

Web usability analysis, and all other
analysis, is deeply indebted to J.D.

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