Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Derrida on reading

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"...German philosophers do not read
my texts directly, but refer instead
to secondary, often American

...I demand that one be careful with
the mediations, more critical regarding
the translations and the detours through
contexts that very often are quite
far from mine."

All quotes from FAITH AND KNOWLEDGE:
Two Sources of "religion" within
the limit of Pure Reason

by Jacques Derrida

in a German interview

cited at Derrida Online

What does all this have to do
with Web Usability Analysis?

We must remember that users
often misunderstand, they
misinterpret what we say,
they are rapidly racing
through web sites, seeking
relevant content.

What they read on our sites,
they may mis-quote, and
they often will form
opinions about your company
or your products, based on
second hand information,
"hearsay", what others say.

They will combine the mediations,
the voices that come in between
them and your own marketing, with
what you attempt to communicate.

This weird hybrid becomes their
monolithic, settled opinion.

Thus: make sure your web text
is clear, simple, free from
too many buzzwords, easy to
quickly skim and scan.

Because no matter how good
your web text is, they will
combine what you say with
the mediations, what others
tell, or have told, them.

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