Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Internet and 9-11

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But, since today is September 11, I felt I should make a statement.

This is the offical 9-11 statement of STREIGHT SITE SYSTEMS.

My gift of commemoration of the Post 9-11 Miracle was the inaugeration yesterday of my new phlog (philosophical/professional blog) site:

It's devoted to issues related to Radical Usability and Mentally Correct Marketing. The articles are extremely short, almost like "business poems."

"Post 9-11 Miracle?" you may be wondering to yourself.

Yes. Miracle is correct.

The 9-11 attack on America's World Trade Center Towers showed that we as a nation were too complacent about terrorists and their intentions.

But the miraculous thing is: the total lack of major terrorist devastation in our country since that attack.

While I deeply regret and abhore the suffering in the Sudan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Iraq, and other places where terrorists have caused destruction and death, I'm grateful that America has experienced a miraculous protection thus far.


What can a web usability analyst do to combat terrorism?

I see two things I can do personally and professionally:

1. Pray for God's divine blessing upon the Internet and the World Wide Web.

I believe that God hates spam, computer viruses, internet porn, con artist schemes, DDOS attacks, malicious web sites, non-user-authorized spyware, anything that hurts people, fosters fear, and foments hate.

I can beseech God to launch a massive, supernatural cleansing of the entire Internet, in whatever way He deems appropriate.

I commend the Buddhist web site I once saw. It featured a beautiful benediction upon the Internet--that it would be compassionate, joyful, and tranquil in all its intentions and effects.

2. Work hard to improve web sites for ethical clients.

Seek out web sites that are worthy of massive improvement.

Web sites with noble intentions, honorable products, legitimate services, constructive goals, authoritative expertise, and carefully researched information.

Keep helping ethical clients make their web sites more usable, more benign, more credible, easier to scan for relevant information, and faster to utilize for task completion and information acquisition.

I can also help people, through my blog posts and my land mailed Client Education Reports, understand email writing techniques, computer security, spam reduction, and other relevant issues.

My goal is to make good people smarter and deprive bad people of important information.

I'm not sure what else I can do.

But what I can do, I will try to be very good at doing it.

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