Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wearable Computers & The Humachine


Are you hip to "Wearables"? Wearable Computing Systems? Computers that become part of your wardrobe, your body, your lifestyle, your total reality? Well, get hip, because here they come.

This from the MIT-Ideo wearable computing collaboration project (

" based interface enabling me to integrate ambient sound, music, telephony, and system information....My parents were worried about me not having a social life because of how much time I used to spend in front of computers. Somehow they feel a lot better about wearables. Now, my computer is always with me. I use my wearables all the time, everywhere." -- Kio

"...we're not replacing reality; we're enhancing it." -- Kio

[VASPERS: Yeah, right Kio. Who are you trying to kid?]

And this from a page higher up in the web site structure, an ideology for wearable computers (

"A person's computer should be worn, much as eyeglasses or clothing are worn, and interact with the user based on the context of the situation. With heads-up displays, unobtrusive input devices, personal wireless local area networks, and a host of other context sensing and communication tools, the wearable computer can act as an intelligent assistant, whether it be through a Remembrance Agent, augmented reality, or intellectual collectives."

[VASPERS: Catch that? "...should be worn..." They're making it an inevitability. They're saying: "Don't sit in front of that darned computer 18 hours a day like VTG, strap it on and go play outside. Wear your computer to bed. Let it do your dreaming for you." Soon you will be able to RECORD and PLAYBACK your DREAMS. I've been dreaming of this dream machine for many years now. Will it be a blessing or a curse? Will you say, "I dreamed that? That's disgusting. What on earth is wrong with me?" And there will be professional dream analysts, who will watch the video or DVD or whatever of your dream, and interpret and explain it to you...for a hefty fee.]



VASPERS: We are evolving into, not a higher form of human, but a hybrid form of mutant that is half-human, half-machine.

The computer will replace consciousness. By spending inordinate amounts of time at a computer, the human consciousness is disappearing, flowing into and becoming one with the Universal Electronic Internet Mind.

The line between human and computer is blurring. Even the line between life and machine is dissolving. Life is merely the consumption of energy, growth, and reproduction, as defined by science. Computers do all three.

Who's to say that computing devices are not alive? The human consciousness is nothing more than chemical and electric charges, manifested in images and sentences...remind you of anything? Like...a computer?

And how about those nano-machines, sub-microscopic devices that can be injected into your bloodstream? Soon we'll be full of little machines inside, and clad in little machines outside.

Farewell to the Solely Human.

Farewell to the Pure Machine.

Greetings to the Hybrid Humachine.

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